Anastasia Rudenco
Graphic designer & Illustrator, Fine Artist   
       When it comes to life and all it’s constant rapid changes, unheard new ideas, fresh newborn beliefs - how do you manage it’s swift current? Do you resist it or let it take you on a journey towards entirely new perceptions? 
       As for me, I’ve always followed the current of learning and exploring the beauty of shapes and objects around me. My origin (Ukrainian and Moldovian roots) as well as my residency in several states in America helped me to understand the diversity and beauty of human minds too and build relationships with others easily. Always being persistent and curious I’ve become a tireless idea generator and tried myself in many things from freelancing graphic design to marketing and even sculpture. By combining the opulence of my interests and continuously improving my skills I came up with this website where I truly would love to help others to shape and implement their own ideas in real life! Cause I believe that unity is an expanding symmetry of different ideas!
So if you are willing to co-operate, please contact me via [email protected]
       As a graphic designer I specialize in print and web design, creating posters, logos, neat layouts and clear websites.

       As an artist I create beautiful, inspiring and eye-catching illustrations also create custom Pet Portraits.
       For more credentials, see:

               Graphic designer Resume